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Full Version: Font Used For The Cover Of A U.s. Passport?
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I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the font used for U.S. passports. I'm recreating a passport about 2 foot tall on cardboard as part of a design project for school. I'm not having much luck with google and everyone I ask assumes I am wanting to do something illegal...(which is quite frustrating)

Here's the image I have been working with to try and get the font right:

I'll probably end up simply blowing up the image with a copier and tracing the letters, but it would be oh so much simpler if I had an actual font to work with... Thanks for any and all help! drinks.gif
The bottom one looks like a bit modified version of Brussels,the top one maybe Felix Titling
if you just need to copy the text, take the best image of a passport you can find, then cut out the text you need, so you don't have any extra data other than the letters and some bits inbetween, then run it through a raster to vector conversion software, then you can resize it all you want

since fonts are mostly straight lines (in this case) a vector should be very easy and work very well so you can resize it to any width/height you need
I ended up blowing up the letters with a copier and using graphite paper, but I'm going to try your idea anyways, Mazuki... I'm having to play with fonts a lot these days for school so I think your idea may come in handy. I've never used a raster to vector conversion software. Is that a particular type of software or something I can pull off in PS if I learn how?

Thanks for the tips! drinks.gif
i think PS has the ability, otherwise there is a software named something like vector conversion toolkit by algolab, it's in my archives, but i can't say whether it's seeded or not

if it's not i'll put it in the queue of apps to RCE
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